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Housed in a specially refurbished Methodist Church, The Holy Biscuit is an arts organisation based in Shieldfield, Newcastle. Our mission is to facilitate the production and exhibition of the contemporary arts, to foster local regeneration through creative social engagement and to encourage the dialogue between art and faith.

Working with schools, community groups, artistic collectives and other partners we aim to enrich the cultural and social landscape of Shieldfield and Newcastle. We welcome collaborations with like-minded organisations or individuals.

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Responses to “Your Deeds Don’t Define You”, No. 4: Urbanite Adrift Olya Bowers Image above: Olya Bowers, ‘Urbanite Adrift’   I hopped on the 192 bus to go the three miles down Stockport Road to lovely Longsight—“a far-out place,” I tell people. The bus was crowded, but a young woman moved her packages off a seat to […]

Responses to “Your Deeds Don’t Define You”, No. 2: Do your deeds forever define you? Imagining an alternative Michael Holland Image above: Lou Davis, ‘The Slow Unfolding of Grace’ The story begins with the creation of all things, the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon, the seas and the land, the fish, the birds, the […]

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