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Housed in a specially refurbished Methodist Church, The Holy Biscuit is an arts organisation based in Shieldfield, Newcastle. Our mission is to facilitate the production and exhibition of the contemporary arts, to foster local regeneration through creative social engagement and to encourage the dialogue between art and faith.

Working with schools, community groups, artistic collectives and other partners we aim to enrich the cultural and social landscape of Shieldfield and Newcastle. We welcome collaborations with like-minded organisations or individuals.

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Theme and Variations; recent work by Michael Jarvis By Sarah Davies, Holy Biscuit Intern This exhibition of paintings and collages demonstrates the artist’s versatility, working in a variety of styles and media. His work demonstrates the importance of process, transforming images by obscuring, fragmenting or abstracting them. As the title suggests, there are common themes […]

en_counter: The Hidden and Unseen
2nd June 2016

In en_counter, we were invited to explore the hidden and unseen; the lost and the found; the familiar and the obscure; the personal and the communal. In these intricate maps, photographs and installations, we were confronted with comments and critiques of how we view our city and our community. We were invited to enter into […]

en_counter: Mapping Our City
26th May 2016

en_counter: Mapping Our City A response by Sarah Davies, Holy Biscuit Intern Image above: en_counter opening night at The Late Shows What are maps and what is their purpose? Generally they are used for recording physical features of the land such as rivers, mountains and roads. A map of a city is usually a tool for […]

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