banner1Housed in a building once known as Shieldfield Methodist Church, The Holy Biscuit is an arts organisation that is part of the Newcastle Central and East Methodist Circuit. Methodist minister Rev. Rob Hawkins and Ramy Zack, the owner of a large commercial art gallery nearby called The Biscuit Factory, shared a vision for bringing local regeneration through a creative new use for the Methodist church’s building. The refurbishment of the building into a gallery space (and its new quirky name) was provided by The Biscuit Factory in 2010, and The Holy Biscuit was born.

Building on the rich history of the Methodist Church in the North East, The Holy Biscuit continues in this heritage of social involvement by programming exhibitions, events and workshops that investigate purpose, belonging and belief and their relationship with artistic practice. At relevant times during the year we curate our own exhibitions and carry out community work with themes connected to an event in the Christian calendar, primarily Advent to Christmas and Lent to Easter.

The building is sustained through leasing our galleries for several weeks a year to artists or groups who can finance their own exhibitions. We also provide our galleries at a discounted rate to support charities and community groups who are wanting to exhibit their members’ works.

The Holy Biscuit works with schools and universities, charities, churches, community groups, artistic collectives and other partners to deliver our vision and promote social cohesion through creative projects. Various groups meet at The Holy Biscuit to take part in creative activities or to come together for discussion. All are welcome to the Painting for Fun group, Discussion Evenings and the recently established Holy Biscuit Community.