Dinner _Arty


Holy Biscuit has collaborated with Dinner _Arty since it’s inception in 2012 and has hosted several events and supported the Dinner _Arty team as the project has grown and evolved. ┬áThis is part of HB’s commitment to supporting the development and growth of the artist ecology in Newcastle and the North East as well as our interest in socially engaged practice and hospitality. We are pleased to be collaborating again this Autumn on a project in Shieldfield. Stay tuned for more info.


Dinner _arty events are gatherings of creative friends and strangers occupying a time and space just long enough to share some food and a conversation. All such meetings are documented in some form as a key element of the Dinner _arty transaction creating a permanent record of what is otherwise a fleeting moment in transient lives. Please check out the Dinner _Arty website here.