Dwellbeing, is an on-going arts-based Participatory Action Research (or PAR) project in Shieldfield that has been initiated by art collective JHA in collaboration with HB.  In recent years Shieldfield has been subject to rapid urban development and ‘studentification’ and an area that is at risk of whole scale regeneration with potential catastrophic consequences for the existing community. Dwellbeing encompasses the collective design and implementation of creative workshops, fieldtrips, events and artworks. By combining both social arts practice and the PAR philosophy, the project hopes to cultivate creative and socially owned process of research that has the potential to increase long term community capacity to deal with future urban change.

The group of co-researchers made up of local residents and community members is composed of 8-12 people of mixed ages, living or working in Shieldfield. Our fortnightly meetings loosely alternate between processes of action, such as field trips, practical or craft workshops, data gathering; reflection, such as group discussion, reflective journaling and revising shared aims and objectives; and planning future actions. A constant cycle of planning, action and reflection, in line with the approach of PAR allows the project to be fluid and responsive to the needs and interests of those involved. Through our conversations and activities we do not seek to impose our own views but instead to work in solidarity with the residents and go through a process of learning unlearning together.

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