Fifty Thousand Years & Fifty Million Miles | Drawing the Line

Exhibition Open: 28 – 30th June 2016 | 11am – 4pm

New College Durham presents two exhibitions across The Holy Biscuit’s two gallery spaces

Fifty Thousand Years & Fifty Million Miles

Richard Ian Hall explores the visual richness of inscribed symbols associated with the lost Minoan and Mycenaean languages of Linear A and Linear B. Artworks reflect a desire to protect, and bring attention to, the iconography and intrigue surrounding their origins. Drawings provide clues to a theme that encourages interpretation and discovery, echoing the investigative process of decipherment.

Drawing the Line

New College Durham presents a selection of artworks developed by lecturers and students from FdA Visual Arts and BA (Hons) Design.  Artworks displayed place drawing at their core and are compiled by Scott Donnelly, Alice Hair, Richard Ian Hall, Kayleigh Lowdown, Luke Roberts, Harris Shamoon, and Paul Stephenson.