Shieldfield Artist in Residence

North East Enders

Shieldfield Artist in Residence
We are thrilled to introduce Andrew Wilson as our Artist in Residence for Shieldfield in partnership with Newcastle City Council, Arts Development Team. This project seeks to celebrate Shieldfield and the HB communities. Andrew will spend the next 6 months within Shieldfield, growing relationships with our community. We are very proud to be in this area and part of the collective history and personal stories that are present here. Andrew is endeavouring to make these stories heard by working with local people to write, shoot and screen a sixty-minute soap opera called ‘North-East Enders’, set in Shieldfield.

Pop in for a chat

If you would like to find out more about North Eastenders, or just have a chat about Shieldfield, Andrew will endeavour to be available for a cuppa every Wednesday 10 – 11am at Forum Cafe and every Friday 11am – 1pm at Holy Biscuit. If you’d like to get in touch to confirm you’d like to meet up with Andrew, or say hello outside these times you can email


The Residency so far

23 November 2018 Find Out More Meal