Student Showcase

Opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their work for free at Holy Biscuit over the Great Exhibition of the North opening weekend.

During the weekend 23 & 24 June, The Holy Biscuit expects an upsurge in visitors due to the launch of the Get North Design Trail, which directly passes Holy Biscuit, and the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair , which is taking place at The Biscuit Factory opposite. The Holy Biscuit’s building has two galleries, HB1 and HB2. In HB1 we will be featuring our Artistory project, but as a way of supporting students we would like to offer HB2 for free as a space for emerging artists to showcase their work, gain exposure and potentially sell work.

This event will give you an opportunity to talk to the public about your work, as well as gaining exposure to an audience potentially looking to buy. The Holy Biscuit can provide support through the use of our space for free, as well as website and social media coverage. The event will also feature on GEOTN’s ‘Inspired By’ listings. We welcome applications from students have good quality work and feel they can commit energy and enthusiasm to this event.

Install: Friday 22 June 2018
Event: Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 June 2018
Deinstall: Monday 25 June 2018

Application Process
Deadline: 10am, 25 May 2018

Please send applications to:
● Send images and dimensions of your work, alongside a brief piece of text (preferably PDF, maximum one side of A4)about your work
● Works must be completed and ready to display for the event – we must be able to have a good idea of the contents of the work from your application
● Please do not send CVs

Student Showcase: additional details and application guidance [PDF]