Submitting an Exhibition Proposal

The majority of exhibitions at Holy Biscuit are initiated by Holy Biscuit’s team and our partners, however, we have a commitment to support and encourage both emerging artists and creative practitioners. To complement HB’s own programme, we occasionally work with exhibition proposals which we feel reflect HB’s ethos. We especially welcome exhibition and project proposals that are open to collaboration.

Before submitting a proposal, we would suggest artists familiarise themselves with Holy Biscuit’s ethos, programme and gallery spaces. We would love to support every exhibition proposal, but due to the high volume we receive and our busy HB programme, we cannot guarantee collaborations.

Holy Biscuit is a charity, and although we aim to support projects by giving staff time, it is necessary that individuals and groups submitting proposals will have their own funding in place to cover the costs of their project or exhibition.

Submitting a proposal

If you would like to collaborate, partner or exhibit in our space you can send a proposal*  that will be reviewed by our programme team. Please note, we are a small team and we cannot respond to proposals immediately.

*What is a proposal?

A proposal is a brief document which includes:

  • What your project/exhibition is about
  • Who you are and why you want to exhibit at HB
  • Your preferred dates and space
  • Any special requirements
  • Photographs of your artwork or project
  • Any funding you may have received or are planning on applying for

To submit a proposal, please contact: